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P.O. Management Plus (POM+)

The Goliaths like to boast that their Purchase Order Management (POM) products are all-inclusive tools, but what they’re really giving you is a big ole’ box. If your company has felt the pinch of bait-and-switch or is simply seeking vendor transparency, we invite you demo Shapiro’s P.O. Management Plus (POM+) service.

Your data doesn’t belong in a box.

Set it free.

With Shapiro’s POM+ module, even your most unsophisticated suppliers will provide you with real-time updates and booking information through our easy-to-use web portal.  Information entered into the portal is easily evaluated through the lens of your metrics and your report cards, and it holds all players accountable.

P.O. Management Plus Features:

  • Centralized hub for communication and order management
  • Collaborative on-boarding implementation: SOP, technical training, support
  • Commercial document collection, scanning, and imaging
  • Load efficiency maximization
  • Booking, shipping, and tracking reports
  • Customized dashboards
  • Regulatory compliance and documentation reporting
  • Carrier data reporting
  • Customized EDI mapping
  • Validation of bookings against POs and business rule requirements
  • Order quantity visibility and validation
  • Exception reporting
  • Purchase order visibility reporting
  • Supplier scorecards
  • Chargeback program support
  • Purchase order distribution, tracking and acceptance
  • Milestone development, design and management
  • Upstream tracking and visibility of milestones
  • Consolidation loading management by PO, item

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