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Big Shots

Margie Shapiro

Our Quirky Queen Bee

Margie loves to travel, loves foreign films, loves to laugh, and … loves to list her lists of lists.   While nobody can quite keep up with her, she finds a way to help us and inspire us with her warm intelligence and boundless energy.   And, Margie makes herself available to all of her “family” and our great customers. Nobody else in the business can say the same.

Randy Lott

Our Comedic Number Cruncher

Sure, he has a CPA with two decades of accounting and finance experience.  And yes, he evaluates trends for yesterday, today and tomorrow.  It makes sense to call Randy our “number cruncher.”   But, my goodness, he is so much more.   Here’s a guy addicted to softball, to comedic film, and well simply, to having some fun.

Altereek ‘Al’ Stembridge

Our Stylish Solutions Geek

The logistics business has been a part of Altereek’s (please call him “Al”) lineage since before he was born. Al would spend his summers riding with his grandfather— ‘Big Al’— on his truck, navigating (reading maps), and reviewing the ‘paperwork.’  He was looking at Bills of Lading and other documents before he understood what they really were! For Al, IT solutions are his passion, but his first love will always be the logistics industry! But, he also enjoys watching the sunset over the Delaware River from his front porch.

Robert Burdette

Our Articulate Freight Fanatic

Robert loves to play music, to read literature, and, most of all, to hear himself talk (and talk…and talk).   Fortunately, the words are passionate and full of informed freight concepts and out-of-the-container strategies.   We don’t recommend that you play him in Scrabble, however… not only is he hard to beat, but he is a very sore loser when you win!