COVID-19 cases were first detected at the port of Yantian last Friday, and several more infections have emerged for workers on the Oriental Vancouver.

The following measures have been implemented by the Chinese authorities:

  1. Two COVID-19 tests every three days for all workers at the port.
  2. Sanitation of the whole port and residential areas around Yantian port.
  3. Full closure of all areas that the infected workers visited for sanitation.
  4. Contact tracing and 14-day quarantine for all workers who came in close contact with the Oriental Vancouver crew.
  5. From May 25th to May 27th, Yantian will not accept any loaded containers into Yantian terminals (though imported full container pick up and empty container movement continues).
  6. From May 28th to June 3rd, Yantian will receive loaded container ONLY for vessels sailing within four days.

The trade expects tremendous delays and inefficiencies during the coming weeks. Not only are all port workers in Yantian affected, but all truckers and government authorities at the port as well.

Carriers are expected to utilize Shekou, Nasha, and Hong Kong facilities, but this could complicate Customs and documentation formalities.

Since this is an evolving crisis, Shapiro will continue to send updates for the Port of Yantian as the shipping realities emerge.