Per our earlier Shap Flash, carriers announced additional surcharges for August to help offset rising costs from operational delays, vessel backlogs and other kinks in supply chains worldwide.

As we expected, some carriers have announced alterations to the original list of surcharges; please click here for a detailed snapshot of the updated surcharges and the markets that carriers are targeting at this time.

The changes in the congestion fees are as result of importers (and those that represent them) pushing back on the master carriers on the overly exaggerated value of the congestion fees. 

Additionally, the industry and the White House have asked the FMC to intervene on both the exaggerated costs and the legality of imposing any such fees based on arrival date. As a result, you will notice that MSC has changed their filing so that their congestion fee is based on the “gate in” date and not the arrival date, which is customary for any rate surcharge filings with any carrier’s FMC tariff. Please also note that HAPAG/ZIM made a significant reduction to their Value Added Surcharge / Port Congestion.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely for any updates or rate increases as they become available. For Shapiro customers, please rest assured that all future quotes will reflect the proper surcharges where applicable.