Dear Valued Customers,

Firstly, our hearts go out to the many victims of the COVID-19 pandemic.   We are quite sure that the global news may worsen in the coming weeks and months and we hope you, your families, and your companies remain safe.

Unlike the Hanjin collapse or the Maersk-Damco cyberattack, we did have some advanced warning for this major disruptive supply chain event.   We looked to the experience of China for direction to control the virus’s spread yet remain as productive as possible during this difficult time. As we continue to charter into unfamiliar territory, we would like to offer you a quick summary of Shapiro’s Coronavirus Contingency Plan:

Internal Preparedness

  • We have ensured remote access for the great majority of Shapiro staff so we can all work from home as needed.
  • We have implemented logical and complete “bounce-back” e-mails to provide cell phone numbers and communications instructions for customers.
  • We have ensured remote access for all management reports for Shapiro supervisors and managers.
  • We have required immediate account-based cross-training to strengthen customer service during prolonged absenteeism.
  • Appreciating that we could experience different realities by US state, we have instituted multi-branch coverage / variable operational designs for each of Shapiro’s offices.
  • We are converting to ACH and other e-accounting processes where manual processes are currently in place.

Protecting Our Co-Workers, Our Family

  • Shapiro has announced far-reaching policies to require sick workers to stay at home while also allowing co-workers to tend to the sick as needed.
  • We are developing quarantine procedures at our facilities to allow us to handle immediate emergency circumstances.
  • We have already distributed “best practices” for containing the virus (from frequent hand washing to use of masks to hand sanitizers, etc.).
  • We have discontinued non-essential corporate travel.
  • Employees who travel abroad, on cruises, or to the US West Coast (for any reason including vacation) are required to self-quarantine for 14-days upon return.

A Multi-Tier Approach

  • We are vigilantly monitoring the trajectory of this pandemic. If the Coronavirus outbreak worsens, we will develop and announce Tier 2 responses and Tier 3 as needed.   As always, we intend to be fully transparent with our customers.

We at Shapiro are taking this virus very seriously, and we also intend to be here for you. We believe that we can responsibly address the many current dangers while also keeping your cargo rolling, floating, and flying.   It won’t be business as usual, but we expect to deliver.   At the end of the day, We Deliver. Problem Solved®.

All the best,

Margie Shapiro

Article published on March 11, 2020.