Indonesia has imposed an emergency public activity restriction (PPKM) through July 20, 2021. The restriction was passed due to ongoing spikes of COVID-19 cases. There have been 56,757 confirmed cases as of July 15. The PPKM restrictions are focused on Java, Bali, and Jakarta.  There are “rumors” that this PPKM will be extended for another 2-4 weeks.


COVID-19 also continues to surge in Malaysia with 13,215 new cases as of July 15, 2021. A full lockdown remains in effect under the Movement Control Order (MCO) issued by the government. Extensions of MCO will be in place for most states until further notice, due to the number of extremely high cases.


Further COVID-19 alerts in Vietnam (4049 cases as of July 15, 2021) have also led to further operational disruptions and health procedures at the ports and surrounding areas.

Shippers should expect operational delays throughout the logistics chain due to staffing challenges, increased quarantine protocols, and backlogs.

Shapiro will continue to provide more updates as they become available.