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US Delays Implementation of the Aluminum Import Monitoring and Analysis System until March 29th

On January 20th, the U.S. Department of Commerce (Commerce) announced that the ‘Aluminum Import Monitoring and Analysis (AIM) System’ final rule, originally scheduled to go into effect on January 25, 2021, would be delayed until March 29, 2021 to allow incoming Biden Administration officials additional time to review all relevant documentation prior to its implementation. […]

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APHIS Core Message Set Full Implementation Starts January 25th

Effective January 25, 2021, when a Customs entry is filed for Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) regulated plants, plant products, animal products, or live dog imports, APHIS will require the mandatory filing of the PGA Message Set in the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). APHIS has flagged more than 2,000 HTS subheadings that may […]

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USTR Releases Section 301 Report on Vietnam: No Additional Duties Being Imposed at this Time

As you may already be aware, in October 2020, the USTR launched two separate investigations into Vietnam’s acts, policies, and practices related to currency valuation pursuant to Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974. Today, the USTR released a report concluding that Vietnam’s acts, policies, and practices – including excessive foreign exchange market interventions […]

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US Designates Cuba as a State Sponsor of Terrorism

Earlier today, the US State Department announced that Cuba would be designated as a State Sponsor of Terrorism for “repeatedly providing support for acts of international terrorism in granting safe harbor to terrorists.” Cuba now joins three other countries on the list: Iran, North Korea and Syria. Click here to view the full announcement from […]

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USTR Suspends Tariffs on Certain French Goods Scheduled to Begin January 6th

Yesterday, the office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) announced the suspension of additional 25% duties on certain French goods that were originally scheduled to begin on January 6, 2021. According to officials, the decision was made “given that these [Digital Services Tax] investigations are ongoing and have not yet reached any determinations on what, […]

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USTR Announces Additional Section 301 Tariffs on Certain EU Products

On December 30th, in the latest escalation of the on-going dispute over aircraft subsidies, the office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) announced that it will impose additional Section 301 tariffs on goods imported from the European Union (EU). An additional 15% tariff will be assessed on aircraft parts, as well as 25% tariffs on […]

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USTR Extends Tariff Exclusions for Certain COVID-19 Products

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) announced that it will extend certain Section 301 tariff exclusions on products used to treat COVID-19. The USTR also announced that it is adding more products to the initial list of goods covered by the exclusions. The extended exclusions will apply to all products meeting the specified […]

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Removal of Hong Kong as a Separate Destination under the EAR

On December 23, 2020, the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) amended the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) to remove the People’s Republic of China (PRC or China) Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong from the list of destinations in the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). This decision is effective immediately. This rule implements a significant change […]

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GSP Program and MTB Set to Expire at Year’s End; Proposed USMCA Changes Expected to Receive Legislative Approval

As you may already know, the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill (MTB) and Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program are scheduled to expire on December 31, 2020. As a result, imports entering the US that were previously eligible for MTB and/or duty-free treatment under GSP are subject to regular duty rates beginning January 1, 2021. GSP authorization […]

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Importers Should Prepare for Additional Supply Chain Disruptions Ahead of Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year (CNY) will commence on February 12, 2021. In observance of the celebration, China will be on holiday between February 11th – 17th. In a pre-pandemic world, shippers typically experienced supply chain disruptions approximately 10-14 days prior to start of CNY. However, this year, experts are warning importers to prepare for an additional […]

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EU Imposes Additional Tariffs on $4 Billion Worth of US Exports

Yesterday, the European Union (EU) announced that it will raise tariffs on $4 billion worth of goods imported from the US in response to the on-going dispute over aircraft subsidies. Beginning November 10th, the EU will impose additional 15% tariffs on large aircrafts, as well as 25% tariffs on an assortment of other goods – […]

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Trump Issues Presidential Proclamation Modifying GSP Eligibility

On October 30, 2020, Trump signed a Presidential Proclamation announcing changes to Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) eligibility for preferential treatment based on the US Trade Representative’s (USTR) 2020 GSP Program review findings. The decisions include: Revoked Benefits – Certain products imported from Thailand under GSP preferential treatment (approximate one-sixth of Thailand’s GSP trade) will […]

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Trump Issues Presidential Proclamation Updating 232 Tariffs on Canadian Aluminum

On October 27, 2020, President Trump issued a Proclamation on Adjusting Imports of Aluminum into the United States, reinstating Canada’s exclusion from additional 10% duties under Section 232 on certain non-alloyed unwrought aluminum articles. As a result, HTS number 9903.85.21 is no longer required for imports of non-alloyed unwrought aluminum articles that are the product […]

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USTR Extends Certain Tariff Exclusions for List 1 and 2 Products, Leaves Others to Expire on October 2

On September 30, 2020, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) issued two sets of exclusion extensions for List 1 and 2 products that are currently set to expire on October 2. The first notice granted extensions to 9 product exclusions from List 1. Click here to view the full list of List 1 products – […]

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USTR Announces Another Round of Section 301 Exclusions for List 1 and 2 Products

On September 30th, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) announced its latest round of product exclusions from Section 301 Chinese tariffs. Similar to the last set of exclusions, the USTR notice features 2 separate sets of exclusions, each containing the specially prepared HTS subheadings partially excluded from Section 301 List 1 and 2 […]

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USTR Launches Public Comment Period on First Round of Section 301 Exclusions Extension

The office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) will publish an official notice in the Federal Register later this week asking the public to submit comments on whether the first set of Section 301 List 1 exclusions, currently set to expire on December 28th, should extend an additional year. Each comment will be individually evaluated […]

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Importers: Be Prepared for Port/Storage Issues

Due to the overwhelming congestion in the ports, truckers are struggling to get containers out with the free time allotted. Carriers are not cooperating; we are not seeing free time extended.  Some of the issues we are experiencing include: Truckers are unable to return empty containers to the terminals where they were picked up, thus […]

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CMA CGM Group Currently Dealing with a Cyber-Attack

Earlier this morning, CMA CGM announced that external access to all IT applications was unavailable as they deal with a cyber-attack. Here’s what we know: At 8:10 AM EST, CMA CGM confirmed that the service interruption was the result of what they believe to be a cyber-attack impacting peripheral servers. We have been told that […]

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USTR Announces U.S. – Japan Trade Agreement

On September 25th, the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) announced that the U.S. and Japan reached an agreement that will reduce agricultural and industrial tariffs. This agreement also includes a set of provisions that address digital trade barriers between the two countries. U.S. officials have agreed to eliminate or reduce tariffs on 42 HTS codes of […]

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USTR Issues Additional Section 301 Exclusions for Certain List 1, 2, and 3 Products

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) released three additional sets of product exclusions from Section 301 Chinese tariffs. The USTR notice features 3 separate announcements, each containing the specially prepared HTS subheadings partially excluded from Section 301 List 1, 2, and 3 tariffs. The List 1 notice contains 310 HTS subheadings partially excluded from […]

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