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The Vessel Blocking the Suez Canal has been Dislodged

We learned this morning that the grounded EVER GIVEN has been dislodged in the Suez Canal—and that it will be towed, during high tide, to Great Bitter Lake for inspection. It is expected that transits will resume later this evening and that the backlog will be addressed within the week. We will certainly keep you apprised […]

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Everything You Need to Know About the Vessel Blockage at the Suez Canal

The Ever Given, operated by Evergreen, was headed to the Netherlands on Tuesday when it ran aground, sideways, in the Suez Canal during a dust storm.  The Canal is currently blocked in both directions.  Dredgers have been working to dislodge the vessel which is blocking the flow of an estimated $12 billion in goods. Some […]

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Importers Should Prepare for Additional Supply Chain Disruptions Ahead of Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year (CNY) will commence on February 12, 2021. In observance of the celebration, China will be on holiday between February 11th – 17th. In a pre-pandemic world, shippers typically experienced supply chain disruptions approximately 10-14 days prior to start of CNY. However, this year, experts are warning importers to prepare for an additional […]

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Importers: Be Prepared for Port/Storage Issues

Due to the overwhelming congestion in the ports, truckers are struggling to get containers out with the free time allotted. Carriers are not cooperating; we are not seeing free time extended.  Some of the issues we are experiencing include: Truckers are unable to return empty containers to the terminals where they were picked up, thus […]

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CMA CGM Group Currently Dealing with a Cyber-Attack

Earlier this morning, CMA CGM announced that external access to all IT applications was unavailable as they deal with a cyber-attack. Here’s what we know: At 8:10 AM EST, CMA CGM confirmed that the service interruption was the result of what they believe to be a cyber-attack impacting peripheral servers. We have been told that […]

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Increase in US Imports from China Causing Chassis Issues in LA/LB and NY/NJ Terminals

US imports from Asia in August increased 34 percent from June, driven by a high demand for e-commerce fulfillment and personal protective equipment (PPE). Last month alone, imports from China were up 32 percent. The combination of import fluctuations and blank sailings has had an uneven impact on supply chains at US ports and inland […]

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Surge in Imports Causing Equipment to be in Short Supply

With a 19% surge in imports from China to US and a 19% fall in exports to China in June-July, we are experiencing a situation that is growing with no sign of immediate relief. As a result of the early summer surges, an alarming trend in equipment shortages that started in August is expected to […]

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Labor Strikes in Hong Kong – Monday, August 5th

Recent political turmoil and massive protests in Hong Kong have led to an unofficial labor strike today, Monday August 5, 2019. At this time, over 170 flights to Hong Kong have already been rerouted and/or cancelled, train stations are closed, and other major transportation routes have been blocked by the congestion. Most offices in Hong […]

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Hong Kong Airport Closed as Protests Continue – Monday, August 12th

Effective August 12th, Hong Kong Airport officials have cancelled all flights to and from Hong Kong until further notice, in light of worsening city-wide protests. At this time, it is unknown when authorities plan to resume regular airport operations. Per our Shap Flash on August 5th, most offices and major transportation routes have already been […]

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India in Lockdown

The government of India has taken drastic action for the containment of Covid19. As of midnight, they have instituted a countrywide lockdown for 21 days. Please note the details below: Total nationwide lockdown effective March 24th at midnight through April 14th, all states included. All non-essential factories and services are closed, and employees are working from […]

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Seagirt Marine Terminal at Port of Baltimore Modifies Schedule

Due to a shortage of container volume, Seagirt Marine Terminal at the Port of Baltimore will be closed next Monday, March 30 and Tuesday, March 31. In addition to the closures, Seagirt announced that gate hours will be 6:00 AM to 4:45 PM from Wednesday, April 1 through Friday, April 3. Many U.S. terminals have […]

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COVID19 Supply “Pain” News | A Condensed Update for American Shippers

March 20, 2020 These certainly are challenging times for all of us. During this unprecedented pandemic, we have compiled a condensed update of supply chain conditions. The below is the status of events effective March 20, 2020. U.S. Domestic Trucking Conditions Driver supply remains solid with truckers hungry for work after Chinese New Year Driver […]

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Bayport and Barbours Cut Terminals at Port of Houston to Resume Operations

After an investigation into a confirmed case of COVID-19 at the Port of Houston, we have confirmed that the Bayport and Barbours Cut Terminals will reopen tonight, Thursday, March 19, 2020, effective 7:00 PM. Terminal, gate and vessel operations are scheduled to be fully operational effective tomorrow, Friday, March 20, at 7:00 AM. Despite the brief […]

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Bayport and Barbours Cut Terminals at Port of Houston Suspend Operations

Due to a confirmed case of COVID-19 at the Port of Houston, the Bayport and Barbours Cut Terminals announced that they are suspending operations temporarily. Port officials have yet to release additional information regarding the closures. However, customers with shipments routed through Port Houston may experience service disruptions and delays in the coming days as […]

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Airline Cancellations Update – March 25

As you may have heard over the weekend, UK and Ireland have been added to the Coronavirus travel ban.  As a result, shippers should expect several things: More flight cancellations starting this week (March 16) through April. Suspended airline tariff rates by many air carriers in favor of quoting ad-hoc. Virus screening ability at 13 […]

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Airlines Announce Cancellations in Wake of Recent Travel Restrictions

On Thursday, March 12th, American Airlines announced it would be suspending flights to the 26 newly restricted European countries within the Schengen Area beginning next week (March 14th – 19th) until May 7th or June 4th, depending on the lane.  American also announced that they will be delaying the start of their seasonal Rome service, […]

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Trump Announces 30-Day Air Travel Ban From Europe to U.S.

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) officially enters pandemic status this week, President Trump announced a 30-day ban on all passenger air travel from Europe to the U.S. beginning Friday, March 13th at 11:59 PM (EDT). According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), any foreign nationals traveling within or from the 26 European states that […]

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Update on China’s Coronavirus – January 28th

Related to yesterday’s ShapFlash: in wake of the rapidly spreading Coronavirus, the Chinese government has decided to extend its Lunar New Year an additional 3 days– from January 30th to February 2nd – in all cities except Shanghai and Ningbo. In the Shanghai and Ningbo provinces, which are closer to Wuhan, the New Year extensions […]

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Coronavirus Continues to Wreak Havoc

The deadly Coronavirus, which has already negatively impacted trade, has now claimed up to 80 lives and infected over 2,700 people. Wuhan, which served as ground zero for the outbreak, is still actively in the process of cancelling events and imposing mandatory quarantines. In a report released this weekend, the Chinese government had already decided […]

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China’s Coronavirus Begins to Impact Trade

China has commenced the process of reducing the number of ships calling the city of Wuhan in an effort to avoid the further spread of the Coronavirus, a deadly respiratory infection that first catalyzed in central China last week. A number of ships have been left idling along the Yangtze River, which serves as an […]

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